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Cognos BI Data no longer logged in new Audit Database with existing COG_IPF tables.

Technote (troubleshooting)


When adding an audit database in Cognos Business Intelligence where COG_IPF tables already exist, activity is no longer logged. There are no error messages displayed or other indications of an error other than the absence of data in the audit database.


The COG_IPF tables need to be created if configuring the audit database for the first time. If a table structure already exists in the audit database, data cannot be properly logged.

Resolving the problem

Create a new audit database and configure ReportNet/Cognos 8 or 10 against it. If an existing audit database is to be used, you can create a new one to allow the appropriate tables to be created during configuration. Use the database client tools to restore the existing database.

Make sure audit logging levels are set to at least 3 (Basic/Request), and that native query is enabled. Also, there must not be an ipfclientconfig.xml file present in the configuration folder as it interferes with normal logging activity. (it is ok to have renamed versions, such as ipfclientconfig.xml.sample)

Note: If you are in a multi-server distributed environment, this will need to be performed on each Content Manager and Application Tier install.

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