No matching profile found for the user class selected to run the report

Technote (troubleshooting)


You are able to log into Upfront but when you try to access a report receive the following error:

A configuration error has occurred. Please contact your report administrator.
No matching profile found for the user class selected to run the report.
Please select a user class that matches a profile before running this report.

Resolving the problem

Ensure that everything has been configured properly in Access Manager.

Open Impromptu Web Reports Report Administration tool and make sure that the User class Mapping has been set up properly for the reports set.

To do this in series 7:

1) Open the Report Administration - Impromptu Web Reports.
2) Under Report Projects select "Report Project" (this is the top level/parent of the report projects).
3) Select the User Class Mapping tab.
4) Highlight the specific report set ---> click on the Modify button.
5) The User Class Mapping box is displayed. Put a check mark beside the user class
you want to give access to.
6) Select OK.

This should allow you to access the reports from this report set.

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Business Analytics Cognos Series 7 Impromptu Web Reports

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