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Parts required for WebSphere Portal Test Environment 6.1 install in Rational Application Developer 7.5.x

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What parts need to be downloaded to install IBM WebSphere Portal Test Environment 6.1 in Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 7.5.x?


Note: If you will be installing Portal Server on an existing WebSphere Application Server installation you do not need to download and extract (W-1) and (W-2).

  1. Create the following directories under a common root folder:
    • W-Setup
    • W-1
    • W-2
    • W-3
    • W-4
    • W-5
    • W-5a

  2. Download the following parts from IBM Passport Advantage and extract to the directories specified. --> W-Setup --> W-1 --> W-2 --> W-3
 --> W-4
 --> W-5
    C1U34ML,zip --> W-5a

You have now successfully downloaded the required parts to begin your "WebSphere Portal V6.1 test environment" installation.

To begin the installation, run the RAD_SETUP/launchpad.exe and select the "WebSphere Portal V6.1 test environment"

You will be prompted to insert the disk labeled "WebSphere Portal V6.1 Setup Disk1", at this point browse to the "W-Setup" directory created in Step 1 above.

See Related URLs for additional information on Portal v6.1 installation.

  • You will have the option to install either the Full version or the Administration version. Administration is better suited for a test environment, see Related URL section for differences between Administration and Full installation.
  • The Rational Application Developer v7.5 Programming Guide has an entire section dedicated to "Installing the WebSphere Portal v6.1 test environment".
  • A link to the Passport Advantage website can be found through the Related URL section below.

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