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Eclipse Shell shared Rational Software Desktop v7.x based products and licensing with IBM Installation Manager v1.x

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There are two products installed with IBM Installation Manager into the same Package Group: IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (WDSc) v7.0 with a permanent license and IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) v7.0 with a floating license for n number of users. They are installed in the Package Group: C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70. Why is it every time WDSc v7.0 is started, it takes an RSA v7.0 floating license, and returns it when stopped?


An Installation Manager Package Group is an Eclipse Shell directory. This is the core Eclipse shared IDE directory into which the products are installed with their various plug-ins/components ( == units of functionality) and executed from. A package group is both the Installation Directory and Eclipse IDE. To avoid shell sharing, the products should be installed into separate package groups.

Technote 1279139: IBM Software products installed together that share a common environment
addresses various aspects of Eclipse shell sharing and which IBM desktop products and especially IBM Rational Desktop Products and Rational Client products can (or should be able to) shell share.

Note: A package group or shared shell should not be confused with the Shared Resources Directory, for example Windows folder: C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70Shared. There is only one shared resources directory used by Installation Manager v1.x. Multiple package groups (Eclipse shells) can have shared plug-ins in the same shared resources directory. The plug-ins used by a given product group or package group are managed through an eclipse configuration file: platform.xml, as referred to, for example, in Related Information item: Cannot use (Eclipse)/links folder for external Eclipse plug-ins in Rational Application Developer version 7.0

When using Eclipse shell sharing, WDSc v7.x with its permanent license has access to RSA v7.x functionality which is covered by a floating license or licenses when starting up WDSc. WDSc has to take a license and does so. To avoid this problem of mixed license type, the products should be installed into separate package groups.

If you have a multiple shell-shared products with floating licenses, the number of licenses available to all of them is the sum of those licenses. The following Installation Manager (IM) and ClearQuest Information Center items provide further information on the various aspects of floating license usage and administration in a shell shared environment:

Related Scenario - Shell sharing and licensing with one product not licensed:

It is not true that you can install two or more products into the same shell and only when a functionality or plug-in for that product is directly used, will it consume a license associated with that product. For more in-depth information on this scenario and to understand this behavior in an Eclipse shell sharing environment, consult: Floating license behavior when multiple Rational products are installed in the same Eclipse shell

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