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Best practices for maintaining Notes/Domino notes.ini settings

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As you upgrade, migrate to new hardware, and implement other vender solutions in your IBM Notes and Domino environment, the notes.ini file may collect unnecessary and obsolete configurations which can affect stability and performance.

Resolving the problem

IBM Support recommends maintaining "clean" notes.ini configuration files as this action aids in the troubleshooting and maintenance of your Notes Clients and Domino Servers. As workstations and servers are upgrade, migrated and integrated with other products, unnecessary, unwanted, and obsolete variables often build up over time.


  • ALWAYS create a safe, backup copy of the notes.ini (for Domino Server especially) before introducing changes.

  • This information is provided in an effort to provide our customers with the relevant information required for performing this task. It is beyond the scope of work of IBM Support to edit your environment's notes.ini file in the process of identifying obsolete parameters and maintaining your specific Notes/Domino implementation. Other software venders' products require custom configurations to the notes.ini, and IBM Support can not be made responsible for configuring another vendor's product. For updates on notes.ini parameters added by third party products, contact the respective vendor directly.

Maintaining NOTES.INI settings related to troubleshooting:

Many Notes/Domino issues require additional debug parameters to be added to the notes.ini that are not present by default. When working with IBM Support, engineers sometimes request that certain debug parameters be added to the notes.ini to provide detailed information that is necessary in troubleshooting your issue. Support engineers will generally supply the information and required steps to enable and disable these debug parameters. When the requested data has been collected and received, the Support engineer will suggest that the added debug parameters be disabled or removed from the notes.ini.

Debug parameters affect product performance, so you want to maintain a list of all parameters adding during the troubleshooting phase so that these may be easily removed when the issue is resolved.

Best practice: Regularly scan the notes.ini--especially after troubleshooting an issue-- for debug parameters that are no longer needed, and disable or remove them completely . Some debug parameters can cause very verbose information to be logged to the console.log causing the console log file to grow in size quickly which could take up an unnecessary amount of disk space.

Maintaining notes.ini settings related to product upgrades:

As you upgrade your Notes/Domino environment to newer releases, some notes.ini parameters may become deprecated in the newer releases. Since the Notes/Domino software does not remove any notes.ini parameters during the upgrade process, the system administrator should review the notes.ini after each upgrade and remove any parameters, that are now obsolete in the newer version.

In most cases, when a notes.ini parameter becomes obsolete, it will be when upgrading Notes/Domino to a new major release, not a maintenance release. A "major" release upgrade, for example, is when you upgrade from Notes/Domino 6.5.x to 7.0.x, Notes/Domino 7.0.x to 8.0.x, etc. A "maintenance" release upgrade, for example, is when upgrading from Notes/Domino 7.0.1 to 7.0.2, and so on.

For information about identifying obsolete NOTES.INI variables and what versions those variables are obsolete in, see the section "Identifying obsolete NOTES.INI parameters" (below).

Best practice: When upgrading to the next major release, backup the existing notes.ini and remove obsolete configuration parameters.

Notes.ini parameter references

Is there a comprehensive list of all NOTES.INI parameters currently available?

There is a section on IBM's developerWorks website that is dedicated just to notes.ini settings. This section is updated on a regular basis with all the parameters that are currently available for Notes and Domino.

Identifying obsolete NOTES.INI parameters

The following links below will provide you with the information needed to help identify notes.ini parameters that are now obsolete as well as the product versions in which they were deprecated.

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