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Fix for PTFs UK06876(WIN) / UK06877(AIX) require the http server settings to be adjusted

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In IBM Rational Asset Analyzer, viewing large COBOL source files fails with screen showing Java out-of-memory conditions or blank screen.


When testing the PTF on a very large file, it seems that both the OutputTimeout and ScriptTimeout values have to be large enough for the file to be downloaded. Something just over 2 minutes works. A tester changed them to 10 minutes for his test. After making the change to /etc/httpd.was510.conf, the HTTP server must be restarted. If you want a permanent change, you have to update the /WebSphere/etc.httpd.was510.conf file.

The OutputTimeout and ScriptTimeout values in the HTTP server both have to do with how long some action can be performed by the HTTP server. So, if you have some huge file you are downloading, it can take too long and cause the timeout. In the test case, this was a 110,000 line file.

These are documented configuration settings of the "OS/390 HTTP Server Planning, Installing, and Using" manual:

APPENDIX1.2.17 Timeouts - Close connections automatically

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