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Where can I find a list of the known and fixed issues addressed in Telelogic Focal Point release 6.3? This technote provides a list of submitted issues along with a brief description and/or work around if available.


Issues fixed in Telelogic Focal Point 6.3:

Defect ID Group Description
BUG10387 Attributes If the time zone on the server was after GMT (e.g. GMT -01:00) when importing from Excel, the value in the date attribute was set to the day after the entered date.
BUG11591 Attributes Month and year were positioned incorrectly when displaying the calender in the web browser Firefox.
BUG11601 Attributes If an element was opened via a link or link list attribute from a module in another workspace, history attribute charts in the linked element could not be displayed.
BUG11408 Baseline An error occurred when comparing baselines for views where the Description attribute and Created date attribute had the access level "None".
BUG11401 Display When a regular user clicked on the version attribute hyperlink and selected Compare, the list of changed attributes was not filtered to show only the attributes in the current view, or the attributes that the user had access to.
BUG9247 Display Module sorting did not affect homepage, Changes over time or Gantt charts.
BUG9432 Display In Critera scenario and in the criteria list in Visualize, criteria titles were always trunkated after 38 characters.
BUG11504 Expressions "Error on Page" was displayed in Internet Explorer after editing the value for Graph Horizon in the Expression Queue.
BUG11613 Expressions When running Oracle, fetching expressions from the expression queue was slow if there were thousands of dependencies.
BUG10642 Files Powerpoint 2007 attachments could not be opened directly from Focal Point. The fix includes applying the hotfix KB935869, provided by Microsoft.
BUG9280 Files Visio files could not be opened directly from Focal Point.
BUG11345 Filter When a regular user defined a filter based on a link attribute, the ID numbers of the elements were not displayed in the link list attribute.
BUG9004 Filter An error occurred when you created a filter including a link attribute that linked to a deleted module.
BUG9297 History Title changes were not recorded in the history of incoming link attributes.
BUG11323 Import/Export When importing from Excel, Focal Point failed to import elements with trailing spaces to the correct parent folder.
BUG11422 Import/Export When upgrading Focal Point, failed import of mirror attributes, due to linking to another workspace, could lead to termination of the entire import.
BUG11471 Import/Export Export mismatch could result in failure when re-importing the module, due to mirror attributes linking outside the workspace.
BUG11506 Import/Export When exporting a workspace from 5.4 and importing it to 6.2, members with workspace administrator access level in 5.4 were assigned regular member access in 6.2.
BUG11571 Import/Export Workspace import could fail due to workflow configuration issues when assigning views: 1. Generated xml was incorrect. 2. No check was performed on the mandatory view attribute "Display".
BUG9491 Import/Export When importing elements from very large Excel files, Focal Point failed to respond. Large excel files are now imported in chunks with a maximum of 1000 elements at the time.
BUG11043 Reports When displaying how the value of a choice attribute had changed over time, the view showed the correct average time, but the report showed negative average time.
BUG10677 Views After adding a heading in a Prioritize view, attributes were not displayed in the right-hand element.
BUG9519 Views German date and number format settings caused a "Not a valid value" error when creating a view rule.
BUG11503 Workflow After setting workflow attribute access to "Read-only" or "Hidden", the attribute access in the workflow definition could not be set to "As View".

Known Issues in Telelogic Focal Point 6.3:

Defect ID Group Description Work Around
12 Database Installing Dashboard 3.0 Portal on a machine with Focal Point and PostgreSQL generates a conflict. PostgreSQL stops working. Dashboard 3.0 Portal and PostgreSQL use the same dll file - but not the same version. Replace the file LIBEAY32.dll (which has been changed by Dashboard) with the same file from a working Focal Point installation.
7 Database PostgreSQL do not support the so-called supplementary characters. That is the characters whose codepoints are greater that U+FFFF. Oracle does support them. Change to Oracle.
8 Database Several fields in Focal Point are now truncated to 3800 characters when using the Oracle database. Affected areas are choice item names and descriptions, filter names, metadata names and values, module names and descriptions, pairwise comparisons comments, report names and descriptions, report template names and descriptions, attribute setup values, and workspace names and descriptions. This is usually not a problem.
1 Export/Import Importing very large workspaces may trigger an out of memory error. For example keep files on a separate server and link to the files from Focal Point.
11 Export/Import The Excel 2007 file format is not supported when importing to Focal Point. Save the file in Excel 2003 format and import again.
2 Export/Import Exporting a workspace (or a module) logs out all other users in the workspace. This is not a bug, but necessary to protect information integrity. None
38 Export/Import Importing a Workspace containing Link attributes within a Module as well as some Mirror attributes may result in broken links and no link values. None
39 Export/Import A Business Rule (in this case LinkbyText) does not work after importing the Workspace. This problem occurs when importing to another server. Always verify Business Rules after importing the Workspace containing the Business Rule.
17 Expressions Expressions and Business Rules are not fully tested. For example all customer specific business rules might not work properly. There are several misbehaviours and error messages might not always appear or display correct information. Please contact Telelogic Support.
28 Files When decreasing the maximum file size restriction in the File attribute it is possible to exceed the file size restriction if there already is a file larger than the new value. None
43 Filter A filter cannot be defined on the basis of Inherit From for a Members view as the option Inherit From is removed in the filter configuration. Filter on Inherit From in Display > Attribute Statistics by using the choices in the bottom frame.
16 General Danish date format is not supported when running Java 1.6 on the server. More information: Use Portuguese date and number format.
3 General The access control is too strict in rare cases, which results in an error message: Access denied. (Since this is extremely difficult to replicate, we appreciate any information that may help tracing this problem). None
10 Installation When starting Focal Point on a Windows server, Tomcat may start before PostgreSQL has been started. An error message is displayed when trying to login and Focal Point is not available. (This problem may occur only when Focal Point has been set up to start automatically.) Start Tomcat manually when PostgreSQL is running. This is set in Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Right-click Apache Tomcat, select Properties > General tab and select Startup type: Manual.
13 Notification Notification mail format issue: When Application Settings > Mail Format is set to Mixed or Text and you use the notification feature, the e-mails will contain first Id: Title and then Id: Title as a link (i.e. double information) for each element. None
14 Notification On a normal size workspace, a notification can take tens of seconds. With a large workspace with a lot of history, a notification can take up to a minute. When there are many notifications, the server doesn't have time to finish all of them before the next run starts, further impeding performance. Avoid using lots of notifications and simultaneous execution.
4 Performance Large relational graphs or Gantt views may cause client-side out of memory error in the applet. Use smaller views.
6 Performance PostgreSQL 8.0 on Windows has performance issues. Focal Point occasionally gets long response times. Upgrade to PostgreSQL 8.1.
15 Review In Review > Action List, attribute values don't get saved when an element is edited. None
18 Review Errors when reviewing elements: If consequence estimation is used and several attributes are included for the reviewed elements. Filter too a small amount of attributes before consequence estimations.
5 Web Browser The Web browser navigation (Back/Forward) in the application may not work. None
9 Web Services The Web Services API is not fully tested for performance and scalability. General performance benchmarks are not provided. We strongly recommend testing the Web Services API in a test environment before using it in a production environment.

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