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Using TCPIP_ControllerTcpIpAddress on partitioned server with single NIC card

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Can I support multiple partitioned Server Controllers with a single NIC card?


Yes, with the use of TCPIP_ControllerTcpIpAddress in each partitioned server's notes.ini

The Server Controller is a Java-based program that controls a Domino server. Starting the Server Controller starts the Domino server it controls. When a server runs under a Server Controller you can send operating system commands (shell commands), Controller commands, as well as Domino server commands to the Server Controller from a console. For example, from a remote console you can use Controller commands to stop the Domino processes on a server that is not responding or to start a Domino server that is down.

You can use the Domino Console, a Java-based console, to communicate with a Server Controller. You can run the Domino Console on any platform except Macintosh and AS400. Using the Domino Console you can send commands to multiple servers.

Services such as Domino and the Server Controller listen to network traffic for certain messages addressed to them. The address consists of the IP address of the Network Interface Card (NIC) and a network port. Each service has a network port designation also known as a" Well Known Listening Port" or just a" Listening Port". This listening port is a number. It, in conjunction with the IP address make up the address of a service such as domino. For instance, port 1352, is the listening port relative to domino network messages. Similarly, the Domino Server Controller is assigned the port number 2050 by default. So any traffic addressed to IP address, port 2050 will be serviced by the dcontroller.

NOTE: It is not recommended that a single NIC support multiple domino servers and their respective controllers. However, if absolutely necessary, then proceed as follows.

A single platform can support multiple domino partitions. Multiple domino servers need multiple associated domino server controllers to control their respective domino servers. With multiple unique domino server controllers, a remote domino console can connect to any of the domino servers through their respective domino server controllers.

If there is intention to install multiple domino server partitions on a domino platform that has a single NIC card and thus a single IP address, then an addition of the variable "TCPIP_ControllerTcpIpAddress=" will need to be made to each partition's notes.ini. This is because each domino server controller has to have its own address to listen to. Therefore, we use port mapping to allow us to differentiate the addresses of each domino server controller running. In effect, each instance of controller will use the same IP address, but we will assign different port numbers for each instance. For instance, if we had three partitioned servers on a platform serviced by a single NIC card with an IP address of, we can give the 1st domino server controller the port 2050. However, we will have to differentiate the other two controller instances by giving them unique port numbers such as 2051 and 2052. This way each instance of the controller running on this server will have their own uniquely identifying address:

Use the following as an example to follow in setting up your Single NIC/multi-partition environment:

(Note: the IP addresses in this example are fictitious, substitute your own IP addresses)


Added following to (Server1/ACME) partition 1's notes.ini:

Added following to (Server2/ACME) partition 2's notes.ini:

Added following to (Server3/ACME)partition 3's notes.ini:

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