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How to switch usage of Atria Licenses to Flexlm Licenses in Rational ClearCase

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How do you switch usage of Atria Licenses to Flexlm Licenses in IBM Rational ClearCase?


IBM Rational License server working with Flexlm Licenses have better functionality.


Rational ClearCase Flexlm uses the Rational Common Licensing scheme which requires the use of the Rational License Server.

  1. Install the latest Rational License Server version by accessing the Passport Advantage account. The license server is part of the software package if the account is under valid agreements.

  2. Generate the Rational ClearCase Flexlm keys in the license Key Center as per the Technote 1250433.
    Note: Return current Atria keys if any generated in the License Key Center.

  3. Import the License keys on Rational License Server.
    • For Windows:
      Double-click on the .upd file or use the Wizard in the License Key Administrator.
    • For UNIX:
      Follow instructions in the Technote 1299438 for importing keys on UNIX license server.

  4. Point client machine to Rational License Server.

Note: Any machine hosting ClearCase views needs to stop and start Rational ClearCase after switching to another licensing system. This will ensure that the running view_server processes will end and no longer retain the previous license server information.

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More support for: Rational License Key Server

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