WebSphere sMash Availability



Announcing availability of IBM WebSphere sMash V1.0.0.3 service pack.


The following Bugzilla bugs have been implemented/addressed in WebSphere sMash V1.0.0.3 from (d-type) APAR IC58822 (IBM WEBSPHERE SMASH FIXES FOR SERVICE PACK):

3256 Demonstrate paging of the grid
4130 Apply doc changes to core/zero.cli.tasks component doc
4142 Silverstone Build improvements
4657 Some types in DataGrid are not editable
5254 DOC - Additional information in Connection API documentation
5589 active content documentation
5612 variables in config are not being propagated.
5822 Double byte in Groovy Template Garbled
5888 zones should be placed under .zero/private.
5898 DOC: Connection protocol references should detail how multi-valued headers are handled
5943 OfficeMonitor UI - some problems
5962 MQ Connectivity from connection API
6051 Remove links to wikipedia entries
6057 DOC: Clearly document non-backwards compatible Dojo features
6066 Multi-valued inbound HTTP request headers are concatenated.
6077 HTTP Configuration doc confusion
6129 Disallow multiple "message" event handlers
6135 Make it easier to set override parameters on Connections
6173 P8SAPIBasicTest.testSimpleMethodBasedDispatch fails on Windows
6183 NLS enablement for Locales is incorrect
6185 Invoking CLI tasks on Windows needs to escape
6195 DOC: ASSEMBLE documentation pages have twiki markup
6196 DOC: CORE documentation pages have twiki markup
6226 [zero.data] Poorly worded message
6230 Open AJAX demo broken
6242 Improve test case of sendMail activity to avoid connecting SMTP server
6253 download zip should include the license files and notices file
6257 GC reference wrong for /config/dependencies
6259 Java™ crash starting app builder on Linux
6262 testShutdownWithNonReturningRequestsSmallTimeout test is sometimes failing
6265 zero.kicker does not allow default httpsConfig
6270 Tweaks to manual test for EmailConnection
6290 Installer build process needs updating
6301 Developer's Guide: Global Context Reference
6309 DataGrid does not refresh when and ID is generated as result of a create
6313 Developer's Guide: Security considerations
6315 Developer's Guide: Security tokens
6316 DOC Fix typos in MESSAGING docs
6327 Developer's Guide: Extending security
6328 Developer's Guide: Leveraging Trust Association Interceptors
6329 Developer's Guide: Extending user service
6333 Developer's Guide: Getting started with database access
6335 Developer's Guide: Libraries and dependency resolution
6348 [CLI] backport fixes to sMash
6353 Improving matching conditions for client NLS enablement
6358 rename MessageFormatter in zero.core.utils
6369 Developer's Guide: Debugging a PHP extension in Eclipse
6371 Developer's Guide: Using PHP resources in an extension
6403 Documentation: Typo in Resource Model Declaration.
6451 Developer's Guide: XML encoder utility
6497 Look of User Service Application different on IE.
6544 Developer's Guide: ACF documentation
6546 Developer's Guide: OpenID demo documentation
6547 Developer's Guide: Security documentation
6610 GlobalContext /request/files documentation is incomplete
6651 AB scripts fail first time on sMash DE if experimental mg exists
6652 publish to aeneis webserver should only happen if build is good
6653 Change shutdown policy of Timer Service
6666 QueueReceiver leaks connections on RuntimeException
6674 Certain RSS feeds don't work from assemble feed
6690 AppBuilderTest.testStartStop fails to start
6699 Openajax demos have wrong versions
6708 Zero Indexing Needs to be per Repository
6719 Update footer in Generated Documentation on pz.org to match the footer from Bugzilla
6727 BVT sometimes not failing correctly
6728 AppBuilderTest.testStartStop fails to start on Linux
6729 Remove dependency on JDK
6730 DOC: Incorrect code snippet for EventEngine.fire
6765 FIle user service requires file to be in app
6783 HttpTransportCallback throws exception from another thread
6813 AppBuilderTest not calling stop on error
6916 Move iwidget functionality into sMash for
6963 Eclipse: New WS project fails to resolve
6986 Findbugs discovered defect in FileKicker
7010 Smash missing prereqs message doesn't report where zip is supposed to be
7014 Backport to sMash 1.0: Token should not be required for some auth types
7017 Backport to sMash 1.0: Remote Repository: Directory Browsing not working
7040 UserServiceSPI documentation is wrong
7073 Order of JARs in CP is different when running as app vs. being resolved
7090 Need docs for referencing Maven artifacts in ivy.xml
7095 README incorrect in PHP demo apps
7099 OfficeMonitor various issues
7101 Guard against zcontains("") in GCDebugger
7116 Doc: Need Javadoc for URLTokenizer
7117 Doc: Need Javadoc for ConnectionException
7124 Add .classpath and .project during "zero create from"
7128 zero.suggest.demo (Cli version ) - syntax error on save
7131 [DOC] Some descriptions for the GlobalContext reference are missing
7132 DOC: workaround for revision range solution
7134 PHP code-assist not being packaged
7138 Doc: Samples: iWidgets doc missing from fixpack3
7140 Rename all samples to zero.XXXXX.demo
7154 Errors in Assemble Flow_Run the flows in the sample project_Input File
7167 The create from command does not update the .project file
7187 Invalid user service panel on non-Enu platform
7190 Default source/target for ecj is 1.4

The following Bugzilla bugs have been implemented/addressed in Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash v1.0.0.3 from (d-type) APAR IC58826 (IBM RELIABLE TRANSPORT EXTENSION FOR WEBSPHERE SMASH FIXES SERVICE PACK):

5898 Connection protocol references should detail how multi-valued headers are handled
6129 Disallow multiple "message" event handlers
6265 zero.kicker does not allow default httpsConfig
6316 DOC Fix typos in MESSAGING docs
6666 QueueReceiver leaks connections on RuntimeException

WebSphere sMash V1.0.0.1 & V1.0.0.2 customers can update to the WebSphere sMash service pack from modulegroup update.

To download & install WebSphere sMash for the first time at the level, visit FixCentral at http://www.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/.

From the Product Family pull-down, select WebSphere. From the Product pull-down, select IBM WebSphere sMash, and from the Installed Version pull-down, select All (or your current maintenance level). This download is a complete installation image and as such may be used for upgrade or new installation of the product.

WebSphere sMash Command Line Interface: Note that the downloads available for v1.0.0.3 include the IBM WebSphere sMash v1.0.0.3 Command Line Interface (CLI) zip. The directions for installing the CLI are included in the WebSphere sMash v. Fix README.

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