Cannot view a UCM change set from ClearQuest Web version 7.1

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Attempts to view the Unified Change Management tab on a record on IBM Rational ClearQuest Web (CQWeb) 7.1 and clicking on the "View Change Set" button results in the error " incompatible with".


Using the ClearQuest Web client to view a ClearQuest record, go to the Unified Change Management tab and click the View Change Set button.

The following error appears:

" incompatible with"



Rational ClearCase is not installed on the CQWeb server or Rational ClearCase is installed but the CM Server for ClearCase Remote Clients has not been included in the installation.

Diagnosing the problem

To determine if the CM Server for ClearCase Remote Clients component is installed on the ClearQuest Web server, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Installation Manager on the CQ Web server
  2. Select File > View Installed Packages
  3. Select IBM Rational SDLC > IBM Rational ClearCase
  4. Verify that CM Server for ClearCase Remote Clients is listed under the "Features" section

Resolving the problem

Ensure that Rational ClearCase is installed on the CQWeb server and that the installation includes the CM Server for ClearCase Remote Clients component.

If this component is missing in the ClearCase installation, use Installation Manager to add it to the ClearCase package.

Furthermore, a ClearCase View must be available to resolve the changeset.

The following algorithm is used for choosing a view to resolve the UCM changeset:

  • Find all the views (dynamic or web) in the stream the UCM activity belongs to.
  • Find a view (dynamic or web) owned by the logged in CC user.
  • If not found, find a view (dynamic or web).
  • If not found, return error.

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