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The Repair Calendar feature in Notes 8.5

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What is the Repair Calendar feature?


What is the Repair Calendar feature?

The Repair Calendar feature has been provided to help customers fix issues they encounter with repeating calendar entries such as meetings.

Specifically, this feature in Notes 8.5 fixes issues where duplicate repeating calendar entries exist in the mail file.

Please note that this functionality works only if the user is running an 8.5 Notes client AND the user's mail database is based on the mail85.ntf template from Notes 8.5.

How do duplicates occur?

The most common way in which duplicate calendar entries occur is when you process the same repeating meeting notice on two different replicas of your mail database and then replication occurs. Such notices include: invitations, reschedules, updates and cancellations.

Another way in which the duplicates can occur is if you make edits to a repeating calendar entry on different replicas. For example, if you make a change to a repeating appointment in your mail file on the server and also make a change to the same repeating appointment on your local replica and then replicate, this can cause replication conflicts and duplicate entries appear in your calendar.

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You create a repeating appointment on server replica and replicate to local replica:

You make a change to an instance on server replica:

Tuesday instance lengthened by 30 minutes and its description changed from "Walk 3 miles" to "Walk 5 miles".

You then make a change to a repeating instance on local replica:

The Thursday instance changed from 8:00 - 9:00 to 9:00-10:00.

When you replicate the server and local replicas, duplicate entries appear in the calendar:

How does the Repair Calendar feature work?

Notes detects the duplicated calendar entries and displays a Repair Calendar dialog box when you attempt to open any of the entries in the repeat set. When you select OK, the Repair Calendar feature fixes the duplicates.

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Continuing with the example above...

If you open any of the entries in the repeat set (original or duplicated), the Repair Calendar dialog box appears.

If you click the Details button you will see a list of all the instances in the repeat set that need to be repaired.

When you select OK in the Repair Calendar dialog, the entries are repaired and this dialog appears:

How does the Repair Calendar feature decide what instances to keep?

The repair process selects one calendar entry instance to keep and the remaining duplicate entries are saved in the Lists - Grouped Entries view. In most cases Notes selects the instance most recently edited. However, if one of the duplicated instances is cancelled or has been declined, Notes will select that instance even if it is not the most recently edited one.

In this example, the change made on the local replica was made most recently (The Thursday instance was changed from 8:00 - 9:00 to 9:00-10:00).

What happens to the duplicate calendar entries when the Repair Calendar feature fixes the duplication?

The duplicate calendar entries are not removed from the mail file. They will no longer show on the Calendar views such as One Day, Two Day, etc. They can be found in the "Entries and Notices" or "Grouped Entries" lists views.

The entries that were repaired are flagged by a specific icon that you can see at the view level. Below is a picture of how they would appear in the "Grouped Entries" list view.

If you open one of these entries, you will see text at the top of the entry that states: DUPLICATE CALENDAR ENTRY

Here is an example:

After the repair process has completed, you may want to confirm that the remaining calendar entries have the correct information. Since Notes generally keeps the most recently modified instance (and repairs the other duplicated instances), it is possible that a repaired instance has useful information in it, such as the subject or description of the meeting. In these cases, it is best to open the appropriate repaired instance and copy the pertinent information into the remaining calendar entry.

How does one enable/disable the Repair Calendar feature?

In Notes 8.5, the Repair Calendar feature is enabled by default.

There is a notes.ini parameter than can be used to disable the repair feature.

To disable the repair feature, add the following line to the notes.ini file on the Notes client system: CSEnableEventRepair=0

Can other issues with calendar entries be fixed by the Repair Calendar feature?

At this time, only duplicate repeating calendar entries can be repaired. In future releases, other types of issues that can occur in the calendar, such as duplicate single calendar entries, may be addressable with the Repair Calendar feature.

Does the Repair Calendar feature work when using a Notes 8.5 client with a Domino 8.0.2 server?

The Repair Calendar feature was not designed to work with Domino 8.0.2 server. Once the the Repair Calendar dialog appears and a customer selects Yes to the question, "Do you want to repair the entries now?" , the following message has been known to occur:

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