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DCSV9415W message in SystemOut.log keeps repeating

Technote (troubleshooting)


DCSV9415W: Received packet larger than configured buffer length 1195986768 from RMM address /x.x.x.x. Exception is <null>. This message keeps repeating in the SystemOut.log file.


A port conflict with the DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS end point of a server can cause this issue.

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Check the serverindex.xml file (for the node matching the IP address mentioned in the DCSV9415W message) for port conflicts.

    The port defined in the DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS end point for each server should not conflict with the port of other servers on the same node, even if the server is not currently running.

  2. Check the ephemeral port range of the machines. The DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS end point should not be using a port from the ephemeral range.

Resolving the problem

Correct any port conflict for the DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS end point. Change the DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS port if it is defined in the ephemeral port range.

Note: After making above configuration changes and restarting the cell, if you still see above messages then please open PMR with WebSphere Support to further debug the issue.

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Modified date: 23 January 2013

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