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What are "Tasks on top of Baseline"?

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What are "Tasks on top of Baseline"?


Sometimes, users see a list of Tasks under 'Tasks on top of Baseline'  in the Project Grouping Properties.
These 'Tasks on top of Baseline' are those tasks which are not fully included in every Project of a Baseline BEFORE those Projects were last Reconfigured/Updated. There can be two reasons why a Task included in the Baseline is a 'Task on top of the Baseline': 
  1. The Task was added to Reconfigure Properties of the Project before creating the Baseline, but AFTER performing a 'Reconfigure' on the project. It means that the Project was not Reconfigured AFTER adding the task and BEFORE creating the Baseline.
  2. After adding a Task to the Reconfigure Properties of the Project, an 'Update' was performed on the Project. Later, the baseline was created, but more than one Project is in this Baseline, and the Task is not in the Reconfigure Properties of one of these Projects. In this case, the Task is not fully included in every Project in the Baseline.
For example, this can happen when the Baseline contains 2 Projects with different Releases, and the Reconfigure Properties contain only Tasks with the same Release as the Project.
Run the following command to get a list of all the 'Tasks on top of Baseline' of a Project Grouping:
ccm pg -show saved_tasks " Project_grouping_name "
So, if the Project grouping in question is "My Ant/1.6.5 Insulated Development Projects", run the following command:
ccm pg -show saved_tasks "My Ant/1.6.5 Insulated Development Projects"
As a good CM practice, Build Managers should perform an 'Update' on the entire Project hierarchy before creating a Baseline which minimizes the number of Tasks on Top of Baseline and hence increases tool performance. 
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