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IBM Support Assistant - IBM eDiscovery Analyzer 2.1 add-ons available



IBM® Support Assistant V4 product add-ons are available for IBM eDiscovery Analyzer V2.1


The IBM Support Assistant is a complimentary software serviceability workbench that helps you resolve questions and issues with IBM software. The Support Assistant allows:

  • Concurrent search capability to search product support sites, developerWorks®, and Google from one search page.
  • Product Information pages for quick access to technical information, support RSS feeds, and the latest product news.
  • Service request links to easily transfer an issue to IBM support.

To obtain the add-on, download and install IBM Support Assistant v4 Workbench at no charge. After the ISA workbench is installed, follow these instructions to obtain the product specific add-on.
  1. Use the update menu to locate new product add-ons: Update-> Find New -> Product Add-ons.
  2. Select IBM eDiscovery Analyzer under Information Management for the product add-on to install and click Next.
  3. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Click Yes to restart the ISA workbench.
  6. After the ISA workbench restarts, select Launch Activity, then Find Information.

The Search Information tab allows you to concurrently search product support sites, developerWorks, newsgroups, and Google with one search string. Users also have the ability to add their own search targets, such as company-internal knowledge repositories, intranet search, and so on.

The Product Information tab gives users quick access to valuable technical information on the product support sites, as well as other sites. In IBM Support Assistant V4.0, the Product Information page now shows the latest information being fed from the product support news feed.

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Software version: 2.1

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Modified date: 2008-11-14