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What happens when I carry out a package install?

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What happens when I carry out a package install?


A package install does the following:

  • Copies and modifies html, configuration, and other relevant files from the package to the corresponding "wsconfig" and "trapeze" directory hierarchies
  • Updates the crprocess directory with a new process.xml file 
  • Updates pt.cfg file to merge package.cfg 
  • Updates packages.cfg file to reflect new package 
  • Copies XML data to backend database attribute and to ../wsconfig/system/crprocess.xml
It also creates a backup of the existing "wsconfig" and "trapeze" directory hierarchies and creates/writes to an install.log file
Ownership permissions issues on any of the above directories and files might cause package install to fail. For example, if the package install is failing with a message like the following:
"Failed to set ChangeRequest Process XML File:
Failed to Copy XML File to Database
Write file cannot be created: /appl/cs43/cs_app/webapps/synergy/WEB-INF/packages/mypackage/backup_02_16_2005_11_00_55/install.log"
check that ccm_root has access to the following directories:
Also ensure that the files below do not exist already. If they do, try renaming them and installing the package again:
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