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How do I restore the SDS/TDS/LDAP data from backup?

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How do I restore the SDS/TDS/LDAP data from backup?


The LDAP data files store user profile information, including user-defined queries and reports. They also store shared reports and queries. Automatic backups are kept of the LDAP data files on a daily basis. In the event they become corrupt, or you wish to rever the data back to an earlier standpoint you can replace the data files as follows:

  1. Stop the LDAP/SDS/TDS service (Windows) or daemon (unix).
  2. Remove all files from the <tds_install>/vde/data directory.
  3. Unzip a backup from the <tds_install>/vde/backup directory to <tds_install>/vde/data.
  4. Restart the LDAP/SDS/TDS.

Note: SDS and TDS (Telelogic Directory Server) function in the same way with regards to backup and restoration.

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