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Moving Telelogic Change Customizations to another Installation

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Moving Telelogic Change Customizations to another Installation




This document describes the steps and/or process necessary to move customizations from one Change server to another of the same version. Typically this is done when rolling out the Change product from testing to production systems, however the information here is also valid for sharing customizations among DCM/DCS enabled installations.  


When moving from older to newer versions across different installations, the same steps apply but will also require following the instructions as outlined in the Upgrade section of the Installation guide. (While you may not be upgrading a specific installation, moving processes and packages from one version to another is seen by the tool as an upgrade as well and will require the packages and process file to be upgraded appropriately.)





Assuming the customizations and configurations were done within the Change Administration GUI and Lifecycle editor, moving these changes to another system is actually quite easy.


First, install Synergy and Change on the production and test machines, if you have not already done so.


Next, transfer the package directory (and its contents) of the custom package you have previously created. This directory will be located in the following path, or something similar: 


    You will also want to locate any package_template or cs_report file you wish to transfer. These will be in




Copy these directories and their contents into the same paths on the new machine. This will make this package accessible on the production machine.


Additionally, transfer your customized XML process file located in the following path to the same path on the new machine:


Once the XML file, package directory, and any package_templates are in place, load the xml in the lifecycle editor of the new installation and generate a new process_package based on your custom xml process file. Once generated, you can then uninstall the process package (if one is installed), and install the newly generated process package, and any other custom packages which you just transferred over.


The above is all that is needed to transfer customizations from a test system to a production machine. However, to bring across any configuration settings (ie. list box values, etc) you will need to copy the following files to their corresponding paths in the custom package you have created:




Where <custom.cfg> is the name of any customized pt.cfg file you have created during your customization process.


Keep in mind that the pt.cfg file contains a number of machine, database, and port specific information and configurations which may not allow Telelogic Change to run appropriately on a new system if it overwrites the existing pt.cfg file when copied to the new machine. Our recommendation is to manually merge the two files on a line by line basis to ensure only the required updates for your customizations are made. If there is any question as to what information may be retained or overwritten, please contact Telelogic Support for further assistance.


By moving the /packages/<custom_package>/ directory, installing the custom packages and process package, and reloading Configuration Data, the production system should contain all of the customizations as verified on the test system.


File system level customizations should follow the same basic guidelines above, where the changes are contained in a package. Utilizing a package_template will allow this process to be even more streamlined and easier, as the process customizations can be contained in a single package template used when generating the process package.


A package template is a skeletal directory containing non-XML files (such as a default configuration file and image file) you can add to your process package. When you create the process CSPackage, the values in the template configuration file are merged with the generated configuration file. For example, the shipped dev_process package file has a dev_template package template directory containing a dev_template.cfg configuration file and a dev_process.gif image file.


To create a package template of your own, create a subdirectory in the package_templates directory of your Change installation. In your newly created directory, create a valid CS directory structure containing the files you want to merge with the process package. You may wish to review the dev_template’s structure as an example. Note: The package template configuration file name must match the package template name.


Note for ECS Installations: If you have modified the ptcli.cfg file to accommodate ECS functionality, you will need to ensure this file is also transferred to the appropriate location on the production machine as well. This file will be located in the following paths, or something similar: 



    <Drive letter>:\<cs_home>\cm_update\webapps\synergy\WEB-INF\wsconfig\



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