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Using Rhapsody with No-Framework

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Using Rhapsody with No-Framework


Here are the steps to generate code OXF free code from Rhapsody:
Step1: Add NoFramework.prp and replace siteC++.prp in the <<Rhapsody_installation>>/share/properties.
Step2: Open your Rhapsody project and File > Add to Model the provided profile.
Step3: Apply the <<No Framework>> stereotype to the Rhapsody project. The regenerated source code should have no reference to the Rhapsody framework (the OXF).
Step4: Apply the definitions.h and variables.h files.

The definitions.h and variables.h file can be included in the model as a component file with a File Type of Specification.

- Triggered operations are not supported. Instead, event receptions are implemented as synchronous calls, making them functionally equivalent to traditional triggered operations.
- Event arguments are not supported.
- Events cannot inherit other events (no event generalization)
- Asynchronous messaging is not supported.
- Animation and tracing is not directly supported (see Animation section).
- No support for guarded operations or protected objects.
- Links between instances are not automatically created.
- No support for statechart timer notation, tm( ).
- Active objects (threading) is not supported.
- Memory management services (including pools) are not supported.
- No OM or OMU container support

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