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How to enable debugging for the jetty and vde logs in Change?

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How to enable debugging for the jetty and vde logs in Change?


Sometimes it is necessary to enable debug in the jetty logs and vde.log for increased and detailed logging that may be required for troubleshooting. Following are the steps:
To enable debugging for Jetty logs:

To turn on debugging an extra parameter needs to be passed to Java when it is started. Adding the -DDEBUG flag can be done in the file in the JAVA_OPTIONS section. The file is located in <CS_HOME>/cs_app/bin. The following steps will enable debug mode in Jetty:

  1. Stop Telelogic Change
  2. Edit the file <CS_HOME>/cs_app/bin/
  3. Before the following line (which starts the Jetty server):
    RUN_CMD="$JAVA $JAVA_OPTIONS -cp $CLASSPATH org.mortbay.start.Main $CONFIGS"
    Add the following one:
  4. Rename the following logs in the directory <CS_HOME>/cs_app/logs/
  5. Also empty the pt.log located in <cs_home>/cs_app/webapps/synergy/WEB-INF/wsconfig/tmpdir

To enable debugging for the VDE logs:

To turn on debugging,

  1. Edit the <tds_home>/vde/conf/vde.prop file. Look for the following lines:
# Debug Level (Currently 0-9: 5 is NORMAL, 7 is VERBOSE, 9 is VERY VERBOSE)

Change the vde.debug to a value of 9

  1. Stop and restart the VDE
  2. Restart Telelogic Change.

Note: Remember to turn off debugging after obtaining the logs as leaving it on will result in increased log size.

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