How to enable SSL/HTTPS for Apache Tomcat used for Focal Point on Windows?

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How to enable SSL/HTTPS for Apache Tomcat used for Focal Point on Windows?


To change your Focal Point installed to be SSL secured you need to generate/request for a SSL Certificate and a Key for the machine where Focal Point server is running.

The certificate/Key can be purchased from SSL certificate providers like Verisign etc. This is an authentic secure connection as verified by the vendor. However, you can generate a free certificate and a Key using the key generator tool provided by Sun Java.

Perform the following steps to generate a key and a certificate for the machine where Focal Point is installed:
  1. Open a command window and change directory <JAVA Home>/bin
  2. Enter the command "keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore c:/focal.keystore"
  3. Now it will prompt for few details. Ex: Name, Location etc. Enter the information and at the end it will prompt for the password, enter the same password for certificate and keystore.

To enable SSL/HTTPS for tomcat used for Focal Point , perform the following:

  1. Browse to <Tomcat Home>\conf and edit the server.xml file
  2. Uncomment the "connector" defined for SSL (search for "Define a SSL" to find it
  3. Append the following 2 lines at the bottom of the SSL connector
  4. Save the file and restart tomcat server
Now open Focal Point with the URL: https://<Ipaddress>:443/fp/servlet/Login

It will give you a warning certificate, click yes and Login to Focal Point . To verify that it is now SSL secured you will see a lock at the right bottom of your browser.
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