How are the cache details calculated for Attributes, Elements, and Modules?

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How are the cache details calculated for Attributes, Elements, and Modules?


Following is how the the cache details are calculated in Focal Point 6.1 as found under the Advanced -> Caches menu item:

This is calculated as the product of the number of attributes in the attribute list for each module, the number of elements for all modules (so that we get the attribute values) and the certain hidden attributes. Some attributes are also cached in twice, but in different ways because they need to be found in different ways and sometimes we even cache things that does *not* exist for instances when you for example request attributes that does not exist.
This is the total of all elements in the modules + folders in the modules + some hidden elements. Some elements are cached in twice and also some elements are cached which do *not* exist.
This is calculated as the number of modules in the workspaces + hidden modules. The special modules (e.g. Members, Checkpoints, Views) are cached twice based on ID and on type since they can be found in different ways.
6.1, 6.1 SP1
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