Bind user Focal Point connect uses to query the directory server when configuring LDAP settings

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What User or Bind User does IBM Rational Focal Point connect to query the directory server when configuring LDAP settings?


Most directory servers, example Microsoft Active Directory Server does not allow anonymous connections.


When connecting Focal Point directly to a Directory server (LDAP settings), it tries to connect as an Anonymous user. Focal Point cannot bind as a specific username to the directory server before querying through LDAP settings. Once it successfully connects to the directory server, you would have to create the user in Focal Point and fetch the user information from LDAP. The authentication is always done by Focal Point.

However, you can install the IBM Rational Directory Server which can Connect/Bind as a specific user and fetch user information from any corporate LDAP server. Then you can connect Focal Point to Rational Directory server. In this case the authentication is done by the Corporate directory server using Rational Directory server.

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