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How to enable the VBA option under Tools

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How do you enable the VBA option under Tools in IBM Rational Rhapsody when it was disabled?


There are 3 scenarios to miss VBA option and each of them has a different solution.

  1. By default, the VBA option under Tools is enabled during the Rhapsody installation, unless it is manually unchecked during the custom installation. If the VBA component was not selected during installation, Rhapsody needs to be reinstalled with the VBA option selected.

  2. The VBA option may be disabled if the license file does not have the "RPVBA" feature. In this case, the license file needs to be upgraded.

  3. 3. The feature may be missing because it is not set in the rhapsody.ini file located in the installation directory (C:\Windows by default). In this case, edit the rhapsody.ini file to add the following line:


    This should enable the VBA option under Tools.

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