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How to assign a specific port to the Telelogic DAEMON

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How do you assign a specific port to the Telelogic DAEMON in order to resolve "FLEXnet Licensing Error: -96, 491" in IBM Rational DOORS?


The FLEXnet Licensing Error: -96, 491 will usually occur when the port for Vendor DAEMON is not open (or is being blocked by the Firewall).


By default, the Telelogic vendor DAEMON uses a random free port.

To assign a specific port to the Telelogic DAEMON, (example: 19354) add the string " PORT=19354 " at the end of the VENDOR line in the license file.

For example:
VENDOR telelogic "C:\Program Files\Telelogic\Tools\Licensing_11\Server\telelogic.exe" PORT=19354 


  • Ensure that the port 19354 (or whichever port number you have chosen to specify) is open for bi-directional communication by the Firewall.  You can use any bi-directionally open port as a fixed port for the Telelogic vendor daemon, so long as the port is not being used by any other application.
  • The license server and the client needs to communicate back and forth with the individual client machines in order to maintain the active and inactive status of either the client or the license server itself. The communication is carried out through TCP packets over the network.

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