Displaying Day or Week of the year for text attributes in Rational Focal Point

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How do you configure text attributes to display Day or Week of the year for elements in IBM Rational Focal Point?


In order to display the day or week of the year for text attributes apply the steps below:

  1. Login to Focal Point Workspace as Workspace Administrator
  2. Go to Configure -> Attributes
  3. Click on the particular Module on which you want to display Day/Week of the year
  4. Click on Add Attribute and select attribute of type Text
  5. Under "Value Settings" enter the value for "Text Tag" as:
    D for Day of the Year 
    w for Week of the Year
  6. Click on OK

Now, upon adding new elements or editing the Text attribute, you would see the Day or Week of the year on the bottom left corner of the Text Box.

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