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Rational ClearQuest Web site configuration settings cannot be migrated during installation

Technote (troubleshooting)


IBM Installation Manager cannot convert the properties file from an earlier version of Rational ClearQuest to a new properties file. You must manually convert the properties file when migrating from 7.0.x versions.


If you see the error Unable to find the class, it is possible that the current CLASSPATH environment variable on the system has been modified so that the CQSiteConfigConverter utility cannot find the needed .jar files.


The IBM Rational ClearQuest Web site configuration is stored in the file

To migrate to a new site configuration file, use the CQSiteConfigConverter utility.

The utility is contained in the package inside cqwebapp.jar.

For instructions, see the following topics in the Rational ClearQuest information center:

Resolving the problem


Run the java command with the -classpath option and the class paths shown in the following example:

java -classpath "<install_dir>\common\CM\profiles\cmprofile\installedApps

Note: Replace the variables <install_dir> and <hostname> with the installation directory and hostname for your system.

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