etc/install: etc/brand: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.

Technote (troubleshooting)


You are trying to install an Informix product on AIX but you see this error:

etc/install: etc/brand: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.


Installing directory .
Installing directory aaodir
Installing directory bin
etc/install: etc/brand: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.
Installation of IBM Informix Dynamic Server failed.


  • You have a product for an operating system other than AIX.
  • Your product was built for an older version of AIX and will not install/run on this version.

Diagnosing the problem

Run the UNIX command file on the Informix file brand. If the product was made for AIX the output should look like one of these:

    file $INFORMIXDIR/etc/brand
    executable (RISC System/6000) or object module not stripped

    file $INFORMIXDIR/etc/brand
    64-bit XCOFF executable or object module not stripped

Resolving the problem

1. Download an Informix product that is made for AIX or your version of AIX from this site:

2. Restart the installation process.

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