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Service Bulletin 149: TPF Family of Products Support Page Changes

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The TPF Family of Products Support web pages will be updated to provide new navigation to the software and maintenance information for z/TPF, z/TPFDF, TPF 4.1, TPFDF and TPF Operations Server, and the product-specific tools, drivers, and automation.


The new Support web pages will be available during the week of October 27, 2008, to coincide with the posting of the first z/TPF and z/TPFDF PUT 6 APAR. Please note that the links provided in this bulletin will not be available until that time.

The Support information is now categorized into the following menus:

  • Product Software
  • Maintenance
  • Tools
  • Drivers
  • Automation

The Product Software page defines what software is needed to build and use each product, and how to obtain it.

The Tools, Drivers, and Automation pages provide links to product-specific packages for z/TPF and TPF 4.1.

The Maintenance page provides information about APAR deliverables for each product, with links to APAR package files. For TPF 4.1, TPFDF and TPF Operations Server, the format of the maintenance pages and the data contained therein has not changed. For z/TPF and z/TPFDF, both the format and the content have changed:
For questions or concerns about the information in this service bulletin, send an e-mail to TPFQA@US.IBM.COM

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Software version: 1.1, 4.1

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Modified date: 27 October 2008

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