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How to publish configurations as Web sites using war files

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This technote describes and explains how to publish a configuration to a war file. In addition to publishing a configuration to a local file system directory, you can also publish a configuration to a .war file that can then be deployed to a Java EE server. War files contain a Servlet that implements the Web Search function offering a performance advantage over the Applet used when deploying Composer sites to a Web server.



Before you begin, make sure that a Java Runtime Environment is set up on your machine. If you do not have JRE installed on your machine, you can download one from one of the following URLs:

Note: For optimal performance, use JRE version 1.4.2 or higher.

  1. To Publish the .war file from RMC or EPFC:
    1. Follow the procedure, steps 1 through 13, in the online help from the Publishing configurations as Web sites page.
    2. In step 14, select the Web site format Java EE Web application to create the WAR or EAR file in the location selected in the previous step from the online help.
    3. Select the Include search capability check box.
    4. Provide a Web application name, for example, my-rup or openup-company-abc. The name will be used in the URL to your site. Note: Make sure that you specified a valid directory at the top of the page. This location is where Composer will store the .war file after the publication is complete.
    5. Click Finish. Publishing is initiated.
  2. Download and install the Application Server (WebSphere or Tomcat). Note: See appropriate third party documentation for instructions.
    1. Download the application server core package for your operating system.
    2. Extract the content of the archive where you want your server to be located on your machine.
  3. Set up and start the application server. Note: See appropriate third party documentation for instructions.
    1. Set up the JAVA_HOME environment variable on your computer. Note: This environment variable defines the location of your Java runtime environment on your machine.
    2. Set up an admin user. See third party documentation for details.
    3. Start the server. See third party documentation for details.
  4. Install and deploy the.war file. Note: See appropriate third party web application documentation for instructions.
  5. Test your site and Search

    You can now see your application listed in the applications section. The application name is the one that you specified in Composer’s publication wizard. Click on the name and it will take you to your site.

    Verify that the Search function works correctly on your site. If the deployment is successful, an EPF Composer published site will open a new window and will display your search results. Sites generated by RMC will display the results on the right side of the same browser page.

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