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Integrating IBM Content Collector with IBM Classification Module 8.6



When IBM Content Collector Version 2.1 is integrated with IBM Classification Module Version 8.6, an IBM Classification Module knowledge base can be used to analyze and classify content when it is processed by IBM Content Collector.


IBM Content Collector provides a user interface to define task routes that can archive documents from file system directories or e-mail from Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus® Domino® e-mail servers.

Rather than relying solely on document metadata or source location metadata to determine whether an item should be captured and archived, IBM Content Collector can make a more intelligent determination based on contextual analysis of content that is done by IBM Classification Module.

IBM Content Collector can use information returned from a knowledge base to determine how to process items when they enter the system. For example, the analysis results might suggest that the item should be archived in an enterprise content management system, declared as a record under the control of a record management system, or assigned additional metadata or document properties. The analysis results might also indicate that an item has no business value and should not be archived at all, such as e-mail that discusses patent leather as opposed to e-mail that discusses a patent application.

Integration requirements summary:

  • Install IBM Classification Module 8.6 on a Windows® server and deploy a knowledge base. To classify e-mail content, you must also install Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and register Outlook as the default e-mail application in the Web browser.

  • Install IBM Content Collector 2.1 on a Windows server. On this server, you must also install the IBM Classification Module 8.6 client component, register IBM Classification Module as a utility connector in IBM Content Collector, and add the IBM Classification Module process to a task route.

For complete information on how to set up and use the integration between IBM Content Collector and IBM Classification Module, see the Related information section for links to the following resources:

  • Instructions for integrating with IBM Content Collector. These instructions are in the "Updates to the information center for IBM Content Collector 2.1.0" technote. See "Update 8: Integrating IBM Content Collector with IBM Classification Module" in the technote.
  • IBM developerWorks® article, Applying IBM Classification Module to E-mail Archiving. In addition to providing detailed setup procedures, this article also shows you how to create several task routes to support different classification scenarios.

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