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ClearCase Magic file changes needed to handle .csproj files with the XML type manager

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This technote identifies an issue that can occur in IBM® Rational® ClearCase® (CC) where Visual Studio files are UTF-8 encoded and the Windows diff-merge application does not support UTF-8 encoding.


All Visual Studio files are UTF-8 encoded and the Windows diff-merge application does not support UTF-8 encoding.


The .csproj extension is currently not part of the Magic files, so it is added to Source Control as text_file type instead of xml which causes issues with the merge and may possibly cause file corruption.

This issue has been identified as a product defect under APAR PK37029.

Resolving the problem

The defect has been resolved. Refer to APAR PK37029 for further details.


If you are not able to upgrade, then add the .csproj extension to a Magic File so that ClearCase will set files with that extension to an element type of xml and change any existing .csproj elements to xml.

This can be done by adding the following magic file entry:

xml binary_delta_file : -name "*.csproj";

  1. Existing project files need to have their type manager changed from Text to XML. Review the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference on the topic of chtype (cleartool man chtype) for more information.

  2. When these new project files are added to source code control, you will need to override the text file type manager to ensure the XML type manager is used. This requires managing the Magic File in order to allow ClearCase to handle *.csproj files as xml. Review the Match by name only section of technote 1118099 How file types are determined when creating a new element for instructions on how to modify the magic file to recognize *.csproj file extensions so ClearCase can manage these files using XML type manager.

Refer to the following technotes for further information:
  • Technote 1122471 About the ClearCase Magic file for information about creating a personal magic file where you can add this additional file extension.

  • Technote 1256807 Changing the XML Diff/Merge Type Manager for details about Changing the XML Diff/Merge Type Manager to use a 3rd party tool that can handle XML files with UTF-8 character encoding refer to

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