Migrating to Infoman 7.1 creating an SDDS backup

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Upgrading lpar to Infoman 7.1. Ran BLGUT23B to back up the SDDS. How do I know backup is good?

Resolving the problem

BLGUT23B tells you the number of logical records processed, IDCAMS tells you the number of physical records in the cluster. An Info record (logical record) is made up of one or more physical records, depending on the CI size for the cluster and the amount of data in the "logical" record.

You can use BLGUT20 to see how many logical and physical records are in the database.
The number of logical records processed by BLGUT23B should be the same as the number of logical records shown by BLGUT20.
Note: The comparison between BLGUT23B and BLGUT20 is only valid if you are sure no one has created any records since running the backup. The simplest way to verify is to check for a return code zero on the backup. If the client is still concerned they can use DFDSS to backup the SDDS(s).

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