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DB2 Everyplace provides periodic fixes for the Version 9.1. The following is a complete list of scheduled fixes of Version 9.1 with the most recent fix at the top.


Fix Pack 5
Fix release date: 31 August 2010
Last modified: 31 August 2010
Status: Complete

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APAR Description
IC69633 The application with DB2 Everyplace database engine may get exception [SQLState: 58004, error code: -13] on Windows platform
IC69640 C# driver of Sync Client could not handle exception when fatal event occurs, and will cause application crash
IC69662 Checking a pooled connection fails with SQL0029N when the source database is on DB2 for iSeries (AS/400)
IC69663 Synchronization fails for Derby client if data conflict occurs.
IC70469 Applying schema change fails when using IBM Toolbox Driver to connect to DB2 for iSeries (AS/400)
IC70470 Client data lost when apply schema change and reset device in MDAC
IC70471 A "Communication failed" error occurs on Java Client during synchronization when you remove and re-add subscribed table in MDAC after schema change

Fix Pack 4
Fix release date: 30 June 2009
Last modified: 30 June 2009
Status: Complete

APAR Description
IC61354 Fail to create the Data Propagator subscription with XML scripting tool drafted and reviewed
IC61355 Replication can't recover from invalid states
IC61356 Replication fails when uploading empty BLOB data
IC61357 Replication fails when uploading BLOB data to AS/400 source table
IC61358 Removing or altering existing JDBC Master/Mirror fails when uses DB2 Legacy CLI Driver in the XML scriptt
IC58101 JVM crashes for EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO when application closes connections
IC61348 db2eclp cab file cannot be installed on WM6 standard device
IC61350 Incorrect Manifest for DB2eJDBC.JAR
IC61353 DB2eCLP tool can not be launched on WinCE ARMV4T devices when installs with .cab file
IC60319 JVM crashes for EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO when application reorgs table
IC60614 DB2eInputStream::available method change
IC62484 One invalid login attempt causes that MDAC sends the invalid authentication requests for 19 times

Fix Pack 3
Fix release date: 15 October 2008
Last modified: 15 October 2008
Status: Complete

APAR Description
IC55583 Unable to export information from the control database into XML script file using the XML Scripting tool
IC54971 DB2e database get corrupted by statement "delete from <table>" under physical delete mode
IC54260 Sync Client can't synchronize large file (>64K) to Plam v5.4 devices or the SD card through File Subscription
IC54924 Sync might fail when Sync Client sync from an old client data image copied from another client
IC58386 JDBC Driver is not removed from Mobile Ddevice Administration Center in non-english environment
IC58101 JVM crashes for EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO when application closes connections

Fix Pack 2
Fix release date: 30 October 2007
Last modified: 21 May 2008
Status: Complete

APAR List: See DB2 Everyplace V9.1.2 release notes

APAR Description
IC52460 DB2 Everyplace Java(TM) Sync Client cannot send the client updates in phase I to server if the encoded message size is larger than 5MB. The failure information is recorded in the trace-isyn file, for example "DSYC000I: makePostRequest.: p1 Sending message exceeds the max message size limit."
IC52858 During data synchronization, if the target directory is in a different Windows drive from the Windows drive where DB2 Everyplace is installed, for example DB2 Sync is located in D:\DB2e drive but the target directory is set to C:\target, DB2 Sync will that synchronization fails with error code -3.
IC52938 DB2 Everyplace Java Sync Client cannot run on the JVM 1.4 platform because the client uses some JDK1.5 specific APIs. If it is running on the JVM 1.4 platform , the synchronization will stop and the following error information is reported by the JVM class loader.
IC53100 In DB2 Everyplace Version 9.1, there are a few data type mappings for Cloudscape(TM) clients are missing from DB2 Everyplace V9.1 and they are added back after DB2 Everyplace in 9.1.1. for Derby client are missing and they are added back after DB2 Everyplace 9.1.1
IC54132 If you change "Encrypt on device" from "56-bit data encryption standard" or "192-bit data encryption standard" (starting from DB2 Everyplace V9.1.1) to "None" in Mobile Devices Administration Center, in the next synchronization, Sync Client will report synchronization failure with error "DSYC698E".
IC54136 DB2 Everyplace Java Sync Client cannot be refreshed after resetting the file subscription.
IC54137 While creating table subscriptions with DB2 Type 2 Universal Driver and DB2 Type 4 Driver, Sync Server fails to connect to AS/400(R) source database with the error message "DSYM132E: The AS/400 source database 'jdbc:db2:' is not supported for JDBC table subscriptions."
IC54134 DB2 Everyplace Java Sync Client cannot accept DDL statement longer than 8K characters. If there are more than 8K characters in the DDL statement, DB2 Everyplace Java Sync Client only processes the first 8K characters and the sync will fail. The failure information is recorded in the trace-isyn file as follows: ...
IC54152 When a BLOB or a record in a subscribed table is updated from less than 4M to more than 4M, the Sync Client cannot receive the new data and the obsolete data at client side will not be deleted.
IC54244 If a data filter of subscription A refers to a lookup table T that is subscribed by subscription B but not by subscription A, then XML scripting tool will fail to create subscription A. The tool will report that table T is an undefined name.
IC54248 In some cases, when the source database is DB2 for z/OS, subscriptions with column type VARCHAR(1024) cannot be created. Mobile Devices Administration Center will indicate that it fails to create the subscription after failing to create a particular table.
IC54260 If a user tries to synchronize files larger than 64 KB to Palm V5.4 devices or the SD card through File Subscription, the synchronization will fail with 401 error.

Fix Pack 1
Fix release date: 23 April 2007
Last modified: 23 April 2007
Status: Complete

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APAR List: See DB2 Everyplace V9.1.1 release notes

APAR Description
IC50002 Executing a query through a recently established database connection might return SQLState 58004 (native error -1) if the database engine was stopped abnormally before this connection. If there are leftover temporary files (DSY_ResultXX, DSY_iResultXX) that have not been removed from the file system due to an abnormal termination of the database engine, issuing another query that requires temporary tables might fail. However, subsequent executions of the same query through the same database connection will succeed.
IC50014 Using escape characters in a LIKE clause that references an indexed column might cause the DB2 Everyplace database engine to return incorrect results. This only happens if the search pattern specified in the LIKE clause starts with a character different from the underscore (_) or percent sign (%). When the index on the column that's referenced by the LIKE clause is dropped, the same query will return the correct result.
IC50060 After the column length is changed using the "alter table" command, the column length information in the syscolumns table is not updated.
IC50152 When you use the iUpgrade utility to update the database engine or DB2 Everyplace Sync Client, the iUpgrade utility will keep sending the request until it fails with the "Network Error" message.
IC50350 If an administrator resets users or groups that have DataPropagator6¾4 subscriptions defined, after the users perform synchronization, the data of the tables in the DataPropagator subscriptions will be cleared on the device side.
IC50368 Mirror database pruning task might reset some devices incorrectly. It happens under the following condition: the mirror pruning task is enabled (MaxSyncPeriod.Days is set to a positive value), filters are defined for subscriptions and join filter feature is enabled. If the administrator deletes the old devices' IDs that are related with the user in Mobile Devices Administration Center, the next time when the user performs a synchronization, a new device ID will be generated for the user and a refreshing synchronization will be initiated to retrieve all the data from server side. If the mirror pruning task runs at the time exactly when the refreshing synchronization is being processed, this device will be reset.
IC50471 Client update could be overwritten by server incorrectly if horizontal mirror filter is defined and join filter feature is enabled on the table which is updated. The problem happens in the follow scenario ...
IC50596 After you upgrade the DB2 Everyplace engine on a client device (for example, from version 8.2.2 to 8.2.3), you might notice memory leaks the first time that the new DB2 Everyplace engine is used on an existing database. The memory leaks disappear the second time that the new DB2 Everyplace engine is used on an existing database.
IC51704 If a database is stored on a removable external storage device (such as a USB stick), and the device is being removed before disconnecting from the database, the DB2 Everyplace database engine might stop abnormally when trying to close the database connection. This error only happens on Linux0…3 platforms, and results in a segmentation fault.
IC51180 If a table contains a large number of rows that have been updated or deleted, performing a REORG TABLE operation on the table might cause index corruption. Executing a statement that uses the corrupted index to access the table fails with SQLState 58004, native error -1.
IC51215 On a database that was created with DB2 Everyplace V8.2 and is now used with DB2 Everyplace V9.1, processing a CREATE INDEX statement results in SQLState 42887.
IC51217 Running a Java application that uses the DB2 Everyplace V9.1 JDBC driver in JRE 1.3 or earlier versions causes a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception to be thrown. This exception is thrown as soon as the JVM starts running such an application. The top of the stack trace looks as follows ...
IC51232 The DB2 Everyplace database engine might corrupt the content of large BLOBs after a database recovery operation. Parts of a large BLOB might be overwritten with null bytes.
IC51701 The DB2 Everyplace database engine might return SQLState 58005 (native error -8190) when accessing tables in a database that was created using DB2 Everyplace version 8.1.2 or earlier.
IC51708 On Windows Mobile 2005 devices, the database engine performance for DML operations (insert/update/delete) is very slow, even if the database is stored in device-internal memory.
IC51713 For certain queries that contain predicates allowing for multiple indexes to be used during query processing, the DB2 Everyplace database engine might not always select the appropriate indexes to generate the most efficient access plan. This might lead to slow performance for these queries.
IC51717 The DB2 Everyplace database engine allows applications to force immediate close of connections with the SQL_ATTR_FORCE_DISCONNECT connection attribute. This might not work properly if the connection to be closed is currently processing a long-running query that involves the creation of temporary tables. Examples for such queries are complex SELECT statements or queries that generate scrollable result sets. If such a connection is forced to be closed by calling SQLDisconnect(), it might take some time for SQLDisconnect() to return control to the application.
IC51719 When you modify properties of a source database in JDBC subscription with XML scripting tool, the new properties are not applied to the DSY.JDBC_MASTER table in DSYCTLDB and the XML scripting tool does not report the error.
IC51967 For replication of DataPropagator subscriptions that are created with the same apply qualifier but different mirror databases, you sometimes might notice that data are not replicated to source databases although the replication is successful. You can find apply errors, such as "ASN0552E", in the DataPropagator trace file. However, DB2 Everyplace Sync Server didn't report the apply failure. And you might find that the password file asnpwd.aut becomes very large.
IC52081 Inserting rows that have null values into an empty table that has a multi-column index defined on it may lead to an inconsistent index. This may only happen under the following conditions ...
IC52298 The data could not be synchronized to SD cards on Palm OS devices.
IC52300 Autoincrement of identity columns does not work for INSERT INTO TABLE1 SELECT FROM TABLE2 statement.
IC52303 Executing a connect command in CLP like "connect to c:\temp\user1\;" which contains the string "user" or "USER" in the path, the error message Incorrect command format will be reported.
IC52376 If the source database type is DB2 and it contains data type of LONG VARCHAR, when Java Sync Client tries to do synchronize, it will report error in the synchronization process.
IC52379 If you insert "current timestamp" to a table's VARCHAR column, DB2eCLP will crash.
IC52389 A subsequent call to CLI function SQLGetDiagRec doesn't return different warning messages between a registered user's successful connection and a un-registered user's successful connection.
IC52418 When you creates a JDBC subscription whose source database is SQL Server 2000, it fails with error message DSYG028E.
IC52423 When you create a subscription that uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as the source database and in one of the subscribed tables there is a money data type column, it fails with error message DSYM137E.
IC52424 In Mobile Devices Administration Center, when the user uses database selection button to choose a local database, the driver combo box does not change to IBM DB2 TYPE 2 legacy CLI-based ( or IBM DB2 UDB LOCAL before 9.1) automatically.
IC52425 In Mobile Devices Administration Center, the JDBC subscription cannot be created if a previous subscription had the same mirror database and source database and failed to be created. For example, if you try to create a subscription which has a wrong filter, this subscription cannot be created successfully. Then you try to create another subscription with the same mirror and source database which has correct filters, this subscription still cannot be created.
IC52456 The BUILDTIME field in the table DSY.SYNC_SUBS_STAT is not collected correctly.
IC52458 During the synchronization, when the number of subscribed table is large, the synchronization time of DB2 Everyplace Java Sync Client will be very long.
IC52486 Under logic delete mode, after you insert a few records ($dirty=2) into a table that has some original records($dirty=0), if you delete and insert all these records again, you will get different record counts of this table between table scan and count(*) function. If you delete and insert the same records again for many times, database engine will fail with SQLState 58004, native error -8667.

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