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First character of Data Transformation Functional Acknowledgement maps and Service Segment Validation maps that are shipped with WDI v3.3 were changed from '$' to '&'



WebSphere Data Interchange v3.3 shipped objects beginning with '$' character will now begin with the '&' character


These were changed as part of the globalization effort in WDI v3.3. The '$' character does not appear in all codepages, so we changed that to '&', which is part of the portable character set. The shipped DT envelope validation maps and FA maps including TA1 are the only areas that are affected by this change.

This is also identified in WebSphere Data Interchange v3.3 Installation Guide for z/OS Section

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WDI 3.3 z/OS

Software version: 3.3

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Modified date: 26 September 2008