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Partner Format Insert for IBM WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets - COMPID 5724O4200

Technote (troubleshooting)


This is a Partner Support Template. Cut and paste this information as the first entry in the problem record as described below.

Resolving the problem

********************START CUT/PASTE *******************
FastPath (Y/N):_Y_

Category General: (choose one)
Administration (itad)
Client API (ITCL / IMDA, callout)
Client application crash/hang/wait/loop
Developer Kit
Feed Handler (ites / itob / consolidated book / bpod, etc)
Object distributor (itod)
Object distributor gateway (itod gateway)
Permission Service
Resolution service
Unexpected Result when.....
Request for product enhancement

What were you doing? (choose one)
System administration, Configuration
Other Software Installation/ Change
Other Hardware Installation/ Change
Application Development
Hardware/Software Diagnosis
Running normal, then problem occurs
Attempting to run Diagnostic Aids

Recreate Steps
<Provide concise steps to reproduce the problem>

<List any steps taken to attempt to resolve the issue>

********************END CUT/PASTE *******************

In addition to the standard FTP capability, please note that ESR allows you to attach supporting information related to the problem. If you choose to use an attachment please ensure that the Problem Summary information includes the following:

PROBLEM SUMMARY: (Example : Subscription failed - 0,/ICE/MO,,'Unable to resolve instrument')

Directions to collect MustGather Information
WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets 3.0 MustGathers:

Links to documentation
WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets 3.0 documentation:

Directions to submit data to IBM

Files can be attached via the ESR tool upon creating the problem report, or can be ftp'd to the following site after creating the problem report.

1. FTP to directory /ps/toibm/crossworlds
(please use the PMR name as filename if you upload to testcase, easier to identify)

All Other Countries
2. IBM EMEA Centralized Customer Data Repository mail gateway

How to submit files to ftp server:

  1. ftp to

  2. Login as anonymous and enter your email ID as password.

  3. Change directories to /toibm.

  4. Change directories to YOUR operating system, from the following list:
    aix, cae, hw, linux, lotus, mvs, os2, os400, swm, tivoli, unix, vm, vse and windows.

  5. Enter: bin at command prompt.

  6. Use the following file naming convention to name your file and put it on the server. Your PMR will be undated to list where files are stored, using the format: xxxxx.bbb.ccc.yyy.yyy

    xxxxx = PMR Number
    bbb = Branch
    ccc = Country
    yyy.yyy = description of the file type. Users should compress the file to be transferred using ZIP or TAR format.

    NOTE: If the testcase file can NOT be associated with a existing PMR, it will be tagged and deleted.

  7. Enter quit command.

For additional details please see:
Please note the syntax that must be used in order for the tool to update the PMR correctly below.

Rules for the PMR number recognition (FTP download and file move processes):

How to Search Knowledge Base:
Begin knowledge string search with "WebSphere Front Office"

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets

Software version: 3.0

Operating system(s): Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1320121

Modified date: 25 September 2008

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