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Web-based help delivery system in Rational 7.5 products

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Where are the Help topics located for IBM Rational version 7.5 products?


The new IBM Rational 7.5 and future releases are enabled for Web-based help delivery. This means that the majority of help topics are no longer installed with the product but are delivered through the Remote help function in Eclipse or available for download from the Web.


The following 7.5 products are enabled for Web-based help delivery:

  • Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software version 7.5
  • Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software version 7.5
  • Rational Software Architect Standard Edition version 7.5
  • Rational Software Modeler version 7.5
  • Rational Modeling Extension for .NET version 7.5

Note: Other Rational products that support Web-based delivery will follow.

During installation, you will be asked how you would like to access help. The options are:
  1. Use Remote Help to point to an information center on the Web
  2. Download the help to the local help system
  3. Point the help system to an intranet server that contains the help content

The products are then configured to access the help based on your selection.

Details for each option.
  1. Accessing help on the web using remote help

    Remote help is a feature that was added to Eclipse 3.3. When you enter a URL in the Windows > Preferences > Help > Help Content dialog, Eclipse will make that information center visible from within the Help browser in the product. During installation, the URL for the information center for the product is added to this dialog. You start the help as usual and will see all of the help available for the product (both the topics installed with the product and those on the web).

    Note: You need an Internet connection to use this option. This is the default option and provides you with the most up-to-date help content without adding to the footprint.

  2. Downloading the help to the local help system

    If you do not have Web access, the help is available to download. During installation, the help system is configured to download help, but the help is not actually downloaded. You need to use the Help > Local Help System Updater menu option to launch the updater site, select the help content you wish to download, and wait as it is downloaded. When updates are made to the help content, they will be automatically downloaded when the product is started if you are connected to the Internet.

    Note: This option should be used if you do not have Internet access while working and need the help content.

  3. Point to help on an intranet server

    A system administrator can create an information center on an intranet server that users behind a firewall can point to using Remote help. You need to know the URL and port of the information center on the intranet server. Review the IBM Installation Manager (IM) knowledge center for your version of IM with instructions to complete this task.

    Note: This option should be used if you do not want everyone in the company to have to download the help, but are behind a firewall that prevents you from pointing to the product's information center.

More information on Web-based delivery is available in the installation topics under "Installing and upgrading" in each products' information center.

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