DataStage on Japanese systems: Problem in some stage editors with certain combinations of half-width Katakana mixed with full-width Katakana characters

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There is a problem with IBM® InfoSphere™ DataStage® Designer client validating whether column names contain non-allowed characters in certain stage type editors, when using multibyte characters on Japanese Windows clients. (Clients where the Windows code page is set to 932.)


The error occurs when the name in question contains at least one half-width Katakana letter, which precedes a double-byte character whose trail byte is in the range [x40, x5B-x5F, x7B-x7F].

The half-width Katakana letters are the characters in the Unicode range [U+FF61-U+FF9F] (Microsoft codepage 932 [xA1-xDF]).

Affects the folllowing stage types:

server jobs: CommandStage, Merge, MSOLEDB,OracleOCI, RowSplitter, RowMerger

server and parallel jobs: DB2UDBAPI, DynamicRDBMS, InformixCLI, StoredProcedure, SybaseOC, TeradataAPI, TeradataLoad, TeradataMultiload

Diagnosing the problem

Column names are rejected as containing invalid characters when they do not. A message box displays the following message:

Error: The name must begin with an alphabetic character and consist of alpha-numerics, underscores, and periods only

Resolving the problem

Use one of the following workarounds:

  • Open the editor for the stage at the other end of the link from the stage that is giving the error - assuming the stage type of the other end is not one of those listed above - and enter the column there.
  • Create a Table Definition with the required column name in it, then use the Load button from the stage editor to select the column and load it into the stage's columns grid.

The APAR number for this problem is APAR JR30693.

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