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How to check or edit your configuration of Jazz Team Server for LDAP

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How can you verify the LDAP configuration settings for the Jazz Team Server in IBM Rational Team Concert?


In the initial LDAP setup stage, you can setup from the instructions in the following URL:
Once initial setup is finished, and you would like to check or modify LDAP settings in Jazz Team Server, you can follow the steps below to do so.


To check or modify the configuration of Jazz Team Server for LDAP, follow the steps:

  1. Login to the server with administrator privilege.

  2. Go to menu Server -> Configuration -> Advanced Properties
  3. Check values in the following area for LDAP setting:
    1. To change any value, click the Edit button on the right.
    2. To save changed values, click the Preview button on the right.

Note: If there is any problem with LDAP authentication, check web config files as well. For example: server.xml and web.xml files in Tomcat.

Refer to the following information for LDAP settings.

Jazz Team Wiki LDAPFAQ
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LDAP Configuration for Newbies
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