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For DB2 v8.2 and DB2 v9.1 the db2osconf command can be used to discover the recommended kernel parameter settings for a DB2 instance. Is the output valid for a Solaris 10 operating system (OS)?


The db2osconf command is not useful for Solaris 10 because many of the IPC tunables are obsolete in Solaris 10.


The results from the db2osconf command in Solaris 10 cannot be applied directly to the /etc/system file for the changes to kernel parameters to take effect. Refer to the documentation found in this link:

In that file you will see the obsolete IPC tunables should not be entered into the /etc/system file partly because the values will remain their default values anyway.

The return from the db2osconf command can still be applied to make kernel adjustments.


db2osconf returns the following on Solaris 10:

set msgsys:msginfo_msgmni=5120
set semsys:seminfo_semmni=6144
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=6144

The recommended IPC tuning should be done, but it should not be done in /etc/system. The table of obsolete tunables includes the above references.

Resource Control Obsolete Tunable Old_Default Max New Default
project.max-shm-ids shminfo_shmmni 100 2^24 128
project.max-msg-ids msginfo_msgmni 50 2^24 128
project.max-sem-ids seminfo_semmni 10 2^24 128

So, the following changes should be made based on the return from db2osconf:

project.max-shm-ids 6144
project.max-msg-ids 5120
project.max-sem-ids 6144

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