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Can WSAA detect CICS specific commands?

Technote (troubleshooting)


There currently is no GUI screen in WSAA that would render the specific CICS commands that are being issued in a program. However, you can create a custom query to extract that information from the database.

Resolving the problem

We record all CICS statements in the DMH_CU_STMT table, so with custom query one can get all CICS specific commands. Since we record all CICS statements, one can construct a query that will report all programs that use a particular CICS command. The on-line help has a list of all statements types recorded in the DMH_STMT_TYPE table.

Here is a custom query that shows the programs that have EXEC CICS commands in them. You can customize this as you see fit.

SELECT cu.comp_unit_name AS program, stmtype.description, custmt.file_line_no, file.file_name, cont.container_name, as site
${tschema}.dmh_compile_unit cu
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_cu_stmt custmt ON custmt.comp_unit_id = cu.comp_unit_id
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_stmt_type stmtype ON stmtype.stmt_type_id = custmt.stmt_type_id
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_file file ON file.file_id = custmt.member_id
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_file_to_cont ftc ON ftc.file_id = file.file_id
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_container cont ON cont.container_id = ftc.container_id
JOIN ${tschema}.dmh_site site ON site.site_id= cont.site_id
WHERE stmtype.stmt_type_id between 8001 and 8415
ORDER by comp_unit_name, file_line_no

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Software version: 5.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1315571

Modified date: 27 October 2010