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Command-line parms for GUI script playback in standalone mode

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What are the command-line paramaters to start in IBM Rational Robot script in standalone mode?


You want to run the script in stand-alone mode from the command line. The parameters and values differ from the parameters and values for IBM Rational TestManager mode.



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The additional parameter is

/mode "StandAlone Robot"

Furthermore you must specify the project with the path of the .project file. The following example shows how to start script ClassicsA in standalone mode without producing a log. Robot closes after it finishes the playback. The project that you specify is in the form of a .project file rather than an .rsp file in TestManager mode.

rtrobo.exe "ClassicsA"

/user "admin"

/password ""

/mode "StandAlone Robot"  

/project "c:\prj\ClassicsA\ClassicsA.project"

/nolog /play /close

The following example shows how to start the script and send the results to a log.

rtrobo.exe "ClassicsA"
/user "admin"
/password ""
/mode "StandAlone Robot"  
/logfolder ""
/log "ClassicsA"  
/project  "c:\prj\ClassicsA\ClassicsA.project"  
/play /close

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