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ANR8938E ANR0454E library manager/library client connection failure

Technote (troubleshooting)


Communication errors on the Library Manager and/or on the Library Client ANR8938E or ANR0454E


Possible cause for communication errors is library manager and library client machines were not powered down properly.

Resolving the problem

Communication errors can be observed in a LANFREE environment if the Tivoli Storage Manager Library Manager and/or Library Client if the machines are not powered down properly:

Library Manager:

    ANR8938E Initialization failed for Shared library LIBNAME; will retry within 5 minute(s). 
Library Client:
    ANR0454E Session rejected by server SERVERNAME, reason: Communication Failure. 
To resolve, run UPDATE SERVER on the library manager and library client to re-sync the communications between the two systems:
1) Library Manager:
    UPDATE SERVER lib_client_servername FORCESYNC=YES
2) Library Client:
    UPDATE SERVER lib_mgr_servername FORCESYNC=YES

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Modified date: 12 June 2017