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Integrating Modeler 6.1.x with DB2 V9.5.x for simulation purposes

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If you are using DB2 Express Edition Version 9.5.x instead of Version 9.1.x with WebSphere Business Modeler Version 6.1.2, then specifying only the database name in the WebSphere Business Modeler database connection preferences will not work.


If you use DB2 Express Edition Version 9.5.x with WebSphere Business Modeler Version 6.1.2, then you must follow one of the following options in order to set up a DB2 database connection:
Option 1 (Recommended)
Specify the server and port in addition to the database name.
For example, if your database is named MY_DB and you are using a default local installation of the DB2 database product, then you would specify a database name of //localhost:50000/MY_DB

Option 2
Replace the DB2 driver and licence that is included with WebSphere Business Modeler with the ones that ship with DB2 Express Edition Version 9.5.x. To do this:

    1. Replace modeler_plugins_location\\db2jcc_license_cu.jar with db2_install_location\IBM_SQLLIB\java\db2jcc_license_cu.jar
    2. Replace modeler_plugins_location\\db2jcc.jar with db2_install_location\IBM_SQLLIB\java\db2jcc.jar

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Modified date: 14 August 2008

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