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Upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7 roadmap

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Upgrading to DB2® Version 9.7 might require upgrading your environment components. These components are DB2 servers, DB2 clients, database applications, and routines. Upgrading these components requires an understanding of the DB2 database product upgrade concepts and the DB2 database products.

This roadmap will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to upgrading from DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB®) Version 8, DB2 LUW Version 9.1, or DB2 LUW Version 9.5 to DB2 Version 9.7


Your first point of reference to learn how to upgrade each component of your DB2 environment and how to create a upgrade plan is the Upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7 guide. The content of this guide is available in IBM Knowledge Center. The highest level topic is Upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7.

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Ensure that you meet the operating system and hardware requirements for DB2 Version 9.7 described in Installation requirements for DB2 database products.

Review changes in Version 9.7 to existing functionality from previous releases that can impact your DB2 environment upgrade:

If you are Upgrading from DB2 UDB Version 8 or DB2 Version 9.1, review changes between pre-Version 9.7 releases to existing functionality from previous releases that can also impact your DB2 environment upgrade:

If you are Upgrading from DB2 UDB Version 8.1 to DB2 Version 9.7. In addition to the changes in Upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7, you might need to address the changes and conversions that happen when you install DB2 UDB Version 8.2 (DB2 UDB Version 8.1 Fix Pack 7) or a higher level on a DB2 server that already has DB2 UDB Version 8.1 installed up to Fix Pack 6 level.

Discontinue the use of functionality that is unsupported in DB2 Version 9.7.

If you are Upgrading from DB2 UDB Version 8 or DB2 Version 9.1, discontinue the use of functionality that is unsupported in pre-Version 9.7 releases.

XML Extender is discontinued in DB2 Version 9.7, you must remove XML Extender functionality before you can upgrade to DB2 Version 9.7. See Upgrading a DB2 server with XML Extender to DB2 Version 9.7 for details.

There is no utility to fall back to a previous release after upgrading your DB2 servers. Refer to the Planning section for details.

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Planning your DB2 environment upgrade requires that you determine a strategy on how to approach your DB2 environment upgrade and create an upgrade plan that includes all of the upgrade process details.

Determine all of the upgrade process details for each component in your environment that you need to know to write your upgrade plan.

For each component, you must include in your upgrade plan:

Review APARs and known issues related to upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7 in the Troubleshooting section. If these issues impact the your DB2 environment upgrade, add to your upgrade plans the actions on how to resolve them.

To fall back to a previous release after upgrading your DB2 servers, add details to your upgrade plan about the tasks required to reverse a DB2 server upgrade. These details should include any steps required in the upgrade task that enables you to reverse an upgrade.

You should plan how to discontinue the use of deprecated functionality.

If you are still using the deprecated Control Center tools, review the mapping between the recommended Optim tools and Control Center tools that is available at Table of Recommended tools versus Control Center tools.

Consider upgrading your DB2 servers, clients, database applications, and routines in a test environment to learn how to address any issues that may arise during the upgrade process and to evaluate the impact of changes introduced in DB2 Version 9.7. Also in a test environment, you can determine the length of time required to upgrade your database to DB2 Version 9.7 and the disk space requirements that are essential in developing an upgrade plan and performing a successful DB2 environment upgrade.

Adopting new DB2 Version 9.7 functionality

Consider also enabling new functionality in your migrated databases and database applications to enhance their functionality and improve their performance.

If you want to convert your pre-Version 9.7 non-Unicode database, a DB2 upgrade is not required because you need to re-create your database in Version 9.7 as a Unicode database.

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Follow the upgrade plan for your environment. The DB2 upgrade process for each component of your environment is described on the following topics:

The upgrade process for each component includes:

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DB2 database product education


Articles, white papers, and documentation

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DB2 Troubleshooting

You can find error information about DB2 upgrade in the following files:

You can find information about known issues or defects in the following references:

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Additional resources

Additional resources to help you with DB2 upgrade are available at:

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Additional roadmaps to upgrade or migrate DB2 products are available at DB2 upgrade portal.

For further discussion on this topic, visit this developerWorks forum thread:

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