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How to move licenses to a new server

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How do you migrate/move IBM Rational Software license keys to a new server?


The following steps describe how to transfer your licenses to a new server.

  1. Log in or register to the Rational License Key Center.
  2. Click on the link View and return keys in the left margin.
  3. Click the link select to the product.
  4. Click the button Return next to the licenses that you want to move to a new Rational License Key server (RLKS).

These steps return the license keys created for the old server to the Rational License Key Center.
Now you can generate new license keys for these licenses using the host details of the new server (RLKS).

  1. The return operation returns the total quantity of license keys to the available pool.

    For example, You have a key with a quantity of 10 and you want to return 3 back to the available pool. If you click the Return button, you return the key for all 10 licenses. Therefore, you would then need create a license key for the 7 licenses that continue to be hosted by the original server and a license key for 3 licenses that will be hosted by the new server.

  2. By returning the keys back to the available pool, you tell IBM Rational that you no longer use the actual license keys that you downloaded. To ensure your host computers have the same keys and quantities as the License Key Center shows, follow the guidelines below.
    FLEXlm keys
    • If you returned FLEXlm keys and no longer have any keys on that host, remove the keys.

      For Windows delete the files:
      \Program Files\Rational\Common\rational_*.dat (for RLKS v7.0.1 and earlier )
      \Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\Common\rational_*.dat ( for RLKS v7.1 )

      \Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS\Common\rational_*.dat ( for RLKS v8.1.x )

      For Linux and UNIX remove the Rational keys from the files:
      /config/license.dat .

    • If you returned FLEXlm keys that were assigned to a specific host, but you still have one or more keys registered to that host, you need to download and import an updated license file for that host. To do so:
      1. Click View keys by host from the left navigation bar.
      2. Click the host name from the list.
      3. Click the View Details button.
      4. Click the Download Keys button.
      5. Rename or Remove above mentioned existing license files (example: \Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS\Common\rational_server_perm.dat), import the license.upd or license.dat file with the IBM Rational License Key Administrator (LKAD) on the host machine.

    Classic ClearCase keys
    If you returned classic IBM Rational ClearCase keys, you need to remove the license strings. These licence strings are associated with the keys, that you returned from the file.

Once you have returned the license keys:
  1. Click on the link "Get keys".
  2. Select the product by clicking on the link.
  3. Mark the check box next to the licenses you want to generate for the new server.
  4. Click the button "Generate".
  5. Enter the quantity of licenses you want generate for the new server.
  6. Write the host information of the new server machine.
  7. From the drop down menu select whether you use an existing host or not.
  8. From the second drop down menu, select whether you are using MAC Address or Disk ID number. In most cases the Disk ID is the best choice.
  9. For a Single Server, only complete the first part of the form.
    For a Redundant Server, complete the whole form.
  10. When you entered the correct Host ID and Host name, click the button Generate.

  11. Now you can download the license key file and save it to a new RLKS machine.

  12. Rename or Remove above mentioned existing license files (example: \Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS\Common\rational_server_perm.dat), then import the newly generated key file by using the Rational License Key Administrator (LKAD).

Note on evaluation and temporary keys:

For evaluation keys or temporary keys, you do not need to follow the previous steps.

The reason is that these license keys have the host id: ANY; therefore, you can use the keys on any single server computer.

Important: Evaluation or temporary keys are not suitable for redundant server configurations.

Client configuration

To configure the Common Licensing FLEXlm clients to obtain license keys from the new license server, review technote 1117710: How to point to a Rational License Server to get licenses.

Eclipse based products will have to go through the IBM Installation Manager > Manage Licenses to point to the new license server, if FLEXlm Floating User licenses are used. (When using an activation kit this step is not required).

Maintenance agreements versus licenses

A license purchase and it's use are independent of any maintenance agreement for the software concerned. If the maintenance agreement expired you will still be allowed to use the product, be it only for the software version that was released during the time the software was under an active maintenance agreement . In your License Key Center you will only find license keys for software versions that were released during your active maintenance agreement. You are allowed and able to create / migrate / use license keys for the software (versions) you purchased and downloaded during your maintenance window.

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