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JRE Bug Selecting a Date from Calendar

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Selected Date from Calendar returns a different date.


Setup Steps:
1. Click Profile
2. Default profile
3. Set the default insert site NASHUA
4. Storeroom site NASHUA
5. Tick use default insert site as display filter
6. Leave default storeroom as blank
7. Language is EN
8. Time Zone America/Los Angeles
9. Click OK

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Go to PR application
2. Create a new PR record
3. Click PR Lines tab
4. Click New Row button
5. Click on the calendar icon besides the required date field pick a date from the calendar, it returns the correct date the first time.
6. Click on the calendar icon again, pick a date, the system returns the next date


Select June 24th 2008 from the calendar dialog box June 25th 2008 gets returned to the screen.
Save the record and June 25th 2008 get saved.


Manually type in the date, tab out, the correct date gets populated.
The problem only occurs when the calendar dialog box is used

Changing the default time zone to Central Time or Mountain Time or Eastern Time, log out and log back in, the problem does not occur. The problem only occurs if the default time zone is Pacific.

This issue is tracked as APAR IZ14810/ Issue 08-11919. It is fixed in Maximo 6.2.3. There is a hot fix available for 6.2.1. Please contact Maximo Support to obtain the hot fix at 1-800-426-SERV.

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Software version: 6.2.1, 6.2.2

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Reference #: 1308266

Modified date: 22 May 2015