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WebSphere MQ support for Oracle VM, also known as Solaris Logical Domains (LDoms)

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Does WebSphere MQ support Oracle VM, also known as Solaris Logical Domains, or LDoms?


The Solaris documentation states that with Oracle VM or Solaris Logical Domains (LDoms), the operating system, the data and the applications in each logical domain are independent. Thus it should be completely transparent to MQ that it is running in an logical domain and MQ should run without problems.

For more details on the support for Virtualization, see:

WebSphere MQ's support position on Virtualization, low-level hardware, file systems on networks and high availability

1) If issues arise that are related to the Virtualization environment, the user may need to contact the Virtualization environment vendor for support, or the issue may need to be recreated outside of the Virtualization environment in order to receive WebSphere MQ support.
2) Unless stated otherwise, WebSphere MQ has not been specifically tested in Virtualization environments. WebSphere MQ Support is therefore unable to assist in issues related to configuration and setup, or issues that are directly related to the Virtualization environment itself.
3) The MQ support teams have not actually run the queue manager in this environment, and the "List of Supported Software for WebSphere MQ" does not show sufficient detail to explicitly list the support of this specific environment; in a similar way that we do not explicitly list specific hardware upon which the queue managers have been tested.

List of Supported Software for WebSphere MQ

Additional details regarding LDoms
LDoms is a facility provided by Sun servers that use the CoolThreads Solaris 10 OS (11/06 or above).

LDoms technology differs from Dynamic System Domains by accessing the underlying hardware through a thin layer of software, held in firmware, known as a hypervisor 4.

The physical hardware is then presented to the logical domains as a set of virtual resources. With the LDom v1.0.1 software release, only virtual CPU resources can be dynamically added and removed from a domain running the Solaris OS. Other resources, such as memory and I/O, can only be reconfigured at the next reboot of the Virtualization Technologies Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Each logical server's OS, data and applications are partitioned and run independently of each other, but share the Sun CoolThreads servers' processing and storage resources.

For more information refer to Oracle's Sun web page

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