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ANR1792W: HBAAPI vendor library failed to load or is missing

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A storage agent is installed on SLES 9 64-bit system and SANDISCOVERY is enabled. Upon startup, the storage agent logs the following error:
ANR1792W (Session: 1234, Origin: MY_STAGENT) HBAAPI vendor library failed to load or is missing.


Incorrect configuration of /etc/hba.conf file


Verify the /etc/hba.conf file on the Linux system that runs the storage agent. For example:

mylinux:/# cat /etc/hba.conf
qla2xxx /usr/lib/

The above hba.conf file is configured for 32-bit. When running in a 64-bit environment, the hba.conf file should be changed from this:
qla2xxx /usr/lib/
To this:
qla2xxx /usr/lib64/

Failure to locate the proper file will result in a failure to load the HBAAPI vendor library, and will result in the ANR1792W message being logged in Tivoli Storage Manager.

Consult the HBA vendor for more details on proper configuration of the HBA and its associated driver.

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Modified date: 16 May 2011

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