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How to use IBM Support Assistant to Collect Troubleshooting Data for Informix on Windows



This document tells you how to setup and run ISA and ICollect which assist in collecting troubleshooting data.


How to Setup ICollect

The ICollect bundle consists of executable and XML files. ICollect facilitates the collection of troubleshooting data for specific Informix problems.

1. Download the ICollect zip file:

2. Move the ICollect zip file to the INFORMIXDIR.

3. Unzip and extract the ICollect zip file in the INFORMIXDIR. This will create a directory called isa in the INFORMIXDIR and extract the contents of the ICollect zip file into INFORMIXDIR/isa.

4. You can modify the ICollect configuration parameters settings. The ICollect configuration file is called config.xml and is located in INFORMIXDIR/isa. The configuration file has an XML format. The configuration parameters are XML tags.

The COLLECT_SMFILE configuration parameter should be modified if you use Onbar. It is used when collecting troubleshooting data for an Onbar problem. Set this parameter to the full path of your storage manager's message log or error log. Add a new COLLECT_SMFILE parameter line in config.xml for each message log or error log. Here is an example:
    You will be collecting troubleshooting data for an Onbar archive problem. You need to collect these two storage manager files during the data collection:

    You will set COLLECT_SMFILE like this:

IBM Support Assistant V4 Workbench Download and Installation

The IBM Support Assistant is a free local software serviceability workbench that helps you resolve questions and problems with IBM software products. It is used to facilitate the collection of troubleshooting data for specific problems.

Download IBM Support Assistant V4

1. Navigate to the IBM Support Assistant site at

2. Click on the "Download the Support Assistant!" link in the Introduction section.

3. Click on the "proceed directly to the download page" link.

4. Sign in with your IBM id. You need an IBM id to download the ISA software. If you do not have one, please click on the 'Register here' link.

5. Select 'IBM Support Assistant V4.{VERSION}' for Linux/Windows/UNIX and click Continue.

6. Accept the license agreement.

7. Use Download Director or download using http to download "IBM Support Assistant 4{VERSION} Workbench for Windows" to your computer.
    Install ISA on Windows

    1. Unzip the downloaded file to a temporary directory.

    2. Double click "setupwin32.exe".

    3. The install wizard will look like this:

    4. Read the license agreement, accept the terms, and then click "Next".

    5. Click "Next" to install in the default folder.

    6. Click "Install".

    7. Click "Finish" to complete ISA installation.

    How to Install Product Add-on

    When you first start the IBM Support Assistant Workbench you will see a wizard that will guide you through the initial setup. If the wizard does not automatically start then click on "Frist Steps" on the Home page, and then selecting "Customize". This will allow you to set up any Proxy Server settings (if necessary), and point you to the Updater to install Product Add-ons. You may choose to launch this wizard again at a later time by clicking on "First Steps".

    1. Click "Next" or "Configure your Network Connections".

    2. Click "Next" or "Configure your Updater preferences".

    3. Click "Finish".

    4. Expand the “Information Management” category.

    5. Select and check one or more of the IBM Informix Dynamic Server add-ons then click "Next". Click "Next" on the proceeding page as well.

    6. Read the license agreement, accept the terms, then click "Next". Click "Finish" on the proceeding page to start the installation of the selected add-on(s).

    7. Click "Finish".

    8. Click "Yes" to restart ISA.

    How to use the Local Data Collector

    1. Launch ISA V4: Start -> All Programs -> IBM Support Assistant -> IBM Support Assistant Workbench V4.x

    2. Launch Activity -> Analyze Problem.

    3. Select the product data collector you want to run.

    4. Click "Add>>" -> "Collect All"

    5. Enter or Browse for the directory where Informix Dynamic Server is installed.

    6. Enter the name of the ONCONFIG configuration file for the database server the data collection will run on.

    7. Click "OK".

    10. Choose the ICollect problem type for the desired data collection.

    11. Click "OK".

    12. Make sure the problem has occurred or is occurring depending on the collection type. This "User Input" window will inform you.

    13. Your feedback is valuable to us. We will use your feedback to improve this product.

    14. Decide if and to where you want to FTP the data collection file and Click "OK"

    15. Select the "Current Status" tab to check the status of the data collection.

    16. You will see this message when the data collection is complete. The location of the data collection file is provided at the end of the output.

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